The Big Muddy Mini Maker Faire which debuted in St. Joseph in 2018 is part of a growing international movement to celebrate invention, creativity and resourcefulness.

The event is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students and commercial exhibitors. All of these makers come to show what they have made and tell about what they have learned. Some individuals believe these Faires are the on-ramps that will enable science fair standouts, backyard tinkerers and basement fiddlers to find interested and engaged audiences who appreciate and support creativity and imagination.

Sandra Pettit Weber, Maker Faire Chair, said she has received wonderful feedback from 2018’s Mini Maker Faire and is looking forward to this year’s event.

“We’ve really tried to create a maker atmosphere for our guests,” Pettit Weber said. “We have a variety of makers that individuals can learn from and interact with at our Faire.”

There are 190 independently produced Mini Maker Faires and more than 30 larger-scale featured Maker Faires. The movement began in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 and quickly spread to Austin, Detroit and New York City. The flagship Faires in the Bay Area and New York City draw more than 200,000 people annually.

Closer to home, Kansas City offers one of the larger Maker Faires in the country each June. Other Midwest Mini Maker Faires are in Springfield, Missouri; Wichita, Kansas; Omaha, Nebraska; and Des Moines, Iowa.

Heartland Foundation is holding the 2019 Big Muddy Mini Maker Faire Saturday, March 2, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at Restoration Natatorium in Downtown St. Joseph.

For more information, contact Heartland Foundation’s Sandra Pettit Weber at 816-271-7571 or go online to

Mini Maker Faire is independently organized and operated under license from Maker Media, Inc.

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