Volunteers Needed

The Big Muddy Mini Maker Faire will draw hundreds of people interested in viewing a wide variety of maker exhibits and workshops and engaging in interesting presentations.

The logistics required for this event are challenging; therefore, dedicated volunteers who can embrace the spirit of Maker Faire as well as the creativity and resourcefulness it represents are needed.

We have a variety of opportunities available. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to volunteer.



Volunteer opportunities:

  • Registration/Ticket Assistants: Greet and check-in visitors, vendors, exhibitors and makers to the Big Muddy Mini Maker Faire.

  • Information and Lost/Found Assistants: Welcome Faire attendees helping them learn about the day’s events, locations and amenities.

  • Venue Assistants: Support Event Staff with crowd control and general assistance and assist makers and exhibitors in setting up and tearing down booths.

  • Workshop Assistants: Those with a specific skill set (working with tools or electronics) may be assigned to assist with a workshop or exhibit.

  • Hands-on Booth Assistants: Provide support for Faire participants in the activity areas.

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Take the next step to volunteer by contacting Sandra Petit Weber by phone at 816.271.7571 or 800.447.1083 or by email at sandra.pettitweber@heartlandfoundation.org. Or complete the “contact us” form located here.