Volunteers Needed

The Big Muddy Mini Maker Faire would not be possible without the help of our community of volunteers.  You help us with every piece of the Faire from the set-up to the breakdown and everything during our event.

We welcome anyone that is interested in the Maker Faire to help and we thank you for your support and time.



Volunteer opportunities:


  • Registration/Ticket Assistants: Greet and check-in visitors, vendors, exhibitors and makers to the Big Muddy Mini Maker Faire.
  • Information and Lost/Found Assistants: Welcome Faire attendees helping them learn about the day’s events, locations and amenities.
  • Venue Assistants: Support Event Staff with crowd control and general assistance and assist makers and exhibitors in setting up and tearing down booths.
  • Workshop Assistants: Those with a specific skill set (working with tools or electronics) may be assigned to assist with a workshop or exhibit.
  • Hands-on Booth Assistants: Provide support for Faire participants in the activity areas.

Prepare Yourself to Volunteer

You must be at least 18 year old to participate alone. If you are younger than 18 years old, and older than 16 years old, you can participate alone, but must have an additional permission slip submitted by your parent or guardian.

If you are younger than 16, and older than 13, you must have a parent or guardian onsite.

Next step to volunteer

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Take the next step to volunteer by contacting Donna Gibson by phone at 816.271.7488 or by email at donna.gibson@mlcfoundation.com. Or complete the “contact us” form located here.